Steph Gold
A Success Story

Steph used her books to go from 1:1 coach with just a few clients, to a multi-six figure business with group programs and international retreats!

“When I first met Steph, she was a confident coach with successful clients but she was also hiding behind her fear that she wasn’t smart enough to write a book.

As one of my youngest clients, Steph has known from an early age that she that she was meant to be a coach and help young women entrepreneurs take the next step towards launching businesses of their own. She just wasn’t sure exactly how to create a business with her passion.

By signing up for my program and following the lessons that I teach, she was finally able to find her flow. And the act of writing her book helped her to stop hiding behind her fears and overcome the self doubt that was holding her back allowing her to step into her gift and make the difference she was born to make.

Today Steph is a two time best selling author who is living her dream running her coaching business as she jet sets around the world. Her book acts as a magnet bringing in her ideal clients. She has seen her revenue increase 100 fold and her clients are more successful than ever!”

– Dr. Angela Lauria


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