Sophia Remolde
A Success Story

How Sophia went from couch surfing and crisis to 2 bestselling books and a quarter million dollar business.

“Sophia Remolde came to me in the midst of a life crisis. For one thing, she had recently left her “dream job” at the height of a career in the arts. Having spent most of her life pursuing that calling, she suddenly realized that something was seriously out of alignment- and that she needed to do some soul searching.

What she did know was that there was only one thing that really mattered to her: being of service and changing the world as much as possible- which is why she felt something click the moment we crossed paths on Facebook.

When we started working together early in 2017 she was couch surfing and painting a temple in Colorado for $11 an hour. But she knew I could help her build a platform to serve people, so she made the investment and fully committed to every aspect of my program.

That approach paid off fast, and Sophia made $10K before she even finished writing her book. Over the next few months we worked together to figure out how to create the most transformational program possible, and eventually landed on a game-changing idea: taking her clients on real-life pilgrimages!

Needless to say, this concept brought new life to Sophia’s business and things really started to snowball- she had an $81K day when she first offered a back-end program to her clients. One $250K year after signing up to work with me, Sophia is still going strong helping thousands of clients find their purpose through pilgrimage.”

Dr. Angela Lauria


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