Sharon Pope
A Success Story

How multi-time bestselling author, Sharon Pope, used her book to fill her client roster and create a thriving $30,000 per month business as a love coach.

“Before Sharon wrote the books in the Soulful Truth Telling series with me, her coaching practice was attempting what most new coaches attempt to do: try to be too many things for too many people. Her targeting was disparate and her approach was scattered. She was coaching, speaking, writing, and hosting a radio show. She was doing 1:1 coaching, small group workshops, and destination retreats. She was trying to serve those with a broken heart and those that were professional power-houses. And even though she had found some success, she wasn’t becoming the woman she needed to become to do the level of work she wanted to do.

Writing her book with me and following the practices I teach has helped to give her focus. Each book helped her clearly identify who she serves and focus the message to give the reader exactly what they needed.

That focus has helped the women who need her to find her and know that she’s their coach. She’s helping more people and those that make an investment in themselves through working with her are experiencing dramatic shifts in their lives. It has dramatically impacted her business, increasing her revenues by 70% (her monthly revenue has never been below $11k since she began with me), but most importantly she’s doing heart-centered work that’s truly making a difference.”

– Dr. Angela Lauria

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