Mary Sterk
A Success Story

From Local Business To Nationally Renowned Expert

“For years people told Mary she should write a book about her life journey. At 19 Mary found herself as a divorced single mother living in low income housing and feeding her family on food stamps. She realized in order to dig herself out of her situation she had to learn how money worked. So she decided to go back to school and spent her days at her minimum wage job and her nights with her nose in a book. What she learned about money along the way she used to build a successful financial planning business that has helped hundreds of clients.

When she came to me she had the idea in mind to use her book to tell her story about how she went from welfare to wealth management. But after having a discussion about her desire to use her book to help people plan their retirement and ultimately as a magnet to bring new clients to her business, she realized she was writing the wrong book.

While the story of welfare to wealth management is very inspirational, what she really wanted to do with the book was to connect with clients and help determine if they are at the point to confidently pull the retirement trigger. That revelation shifted her thinking about the type of book she would write because she knew she had to find the right audience, with the right message at the right time for her business.

Mary came to one of my writers retreats where she wrote her manuscript in just three days! A few weeks after that she published her ebook and within a year she had her book on the shelves at major bookstores.

Today Mary has used her book as a way to take her primarily regional business and grow it to a national level. She has new clients coming to her from across the country and has seen her client base grow. The book has given her the edge on her competition and has even drawn enough interest to get her speaking gigs, TV interviews and even an invitation to write for the European Review!”

– Dr. Angela Lauria


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