Mark J. Silverman
A Success Story

How Mark Overcame his A.D.D. And Created $100k In Client Revenue With His Book

“Mark is a business and success coach on a mission to show anyone who will listen that we own two things in life: our time and our attention. Where we spend our time and attention is where our life goes. He wants people to know that if they get conscious, ask questions of themselves and make choices, their lives will be more productive, meaningful and enjoyable.

When he began writing his book, his goal was to master the art of living only 10s and only do the things he wanted to do or that absolutely needed to be done. He wrote the book for him but it just so happened there are so many people like him in the world who also benefitted from it. And he wrote and published his book in just 90 days!

The feedback he receives daily on his book lets him know his readers’ lives are now more free, motivated, and focused. His book has added $100,000 in revenue to his business in the year after he published. The concept behind Only 10s freed Mark from lifelong challenges, and to see it do the same for others is just awesome.”

– Dr. Angela Lauria


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