Majeed Mogharreban
A Success Story

From broke with a book idea to bestselling author with $500,000 in revenue in four months!

“When Majeed came to me to write his first book he was running on fumes financially— but he wasn’t letting up on his commitment to the people he’s here to help.

He’d already tried writing a book himself. It took a long time to write and did nothing to help him make a difference in the lives of people he’s on this planet to help.

But when he heard me give a talk about my approach to success with a book, and saw my roster of successful authors, he knew his path to success was to work on his next book with me.

He applied to my program, found the money to invest in his book, finished his manuscript with me in just 3 days, and by the time he’d published he’d booked more than $500,000 in revenue by practicing the principles I teach – that’s more than he’d made in his entire career before writing his book with me!”

-Dr. Angela Lauria


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