Kathy OBear
A Success Story

How Kathy went from decades of dreaming of being an author to publishing three books in two years!

“Before Kathy and I met, she tried and failed to write a book three separate times over her 20 year career. She had a very successful training and speaking business but she felt her dream of writing a book and helping thousands of people slipping by. When she found me she knew that working together we would finally get her book done.

At first Kathy resisted my process for defining her ideal reader. I always recommend writing your book as a love letter for one very specific person because it allows you to connect with and serve your reader on a more personal level than if you are speaking to a broad audience. But once she got going and really got clear on who she was speaking to she found the writing just flowed out and kept her on track. And the process of writing and really refining her message has made her more effective as a coach too.

Now Kathy has published not just one, but three books in under two years. One of her books sold more than 17,000 copies in the first week it was released and tens of thousands of people have been reached by her message. Imagine the impact we could all make if we spent two years focused in the right way like Kathy!”

– Dr. Angela Lauria

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