Jim Shields
A Success Story

How Jim wrote his book in just 90 days, used it to grow his influence AND get a TEDx Talk!

“Jim had been running a creative business for 25 years, selling ideas to corporations across the globe and making a decent living.

When he decided to write his book, his hope was to inspire small creative businesses to clarify their value and train their clients in the art of using their services. But his personal goal was to become a speaker of choice for creative business events or corporate leadership events.

At first Jim had reservations about how daunting writing a book seemed. Combine that with his busy schedule running his business, traveling the world for his speaking tour and moving to a new home it seems like there would hardly be time for writing. But by following my process which breaks down the book writing into bite size pieces and with my guidance and the support of my author tribe, Jim finished his book in just 90 days.

Since publishing, Jim’s book has garnered him more and more speaking opportunities, for bigger and bigger audiences. His book acts as his calling card, which means he is taken a lot more seriously than he might have been before.

He is now talking to agents and developing relationships with event organizers. He is often invited to join groups of innovators in business, and executive leadership networks. He has even able to check off the big one off his bucket list when he was featured in a TEDx Talk!”

– Dr. Angela Lauria


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