Jill Angie
A Success Story

How Jill Angie’s first book, Running With Curves, took her from a personal trainer with a handful of local clients to an international running coach with a following of more than 20,000 – and 10x more revenue.

“Before Jill wrote her book with me she had a small personal training business with about 12 clients. Her Facebook following was around 200 people and she did not have an email list. She was blogging without much response. She had no idea how to leverage social media to build her list or her business.

Her first book, Running With Curves, started a movement—women all over the world felt so empowered after reading it, and they were reaching out to her in droves. She now has over 3,000 people on her email list, over 20,000 followers on Facebook and over 3,000 in her private group.

As a result, she now has an online coaching business that would not have existed without the book. And her income is more than ten times what it was prior to publishing.

She says she’s pretty sure that most of the last few years wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t had the courage to write a book. She would probably be perfectly happy right now as a personal trainer, working with her awesome clients, but she would have missed out on the experience of seeing thousands of women find themselves through running, and finding herself through helping them.”

– Dr. Angela Lauria

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