Erika Flint
A Success Story

How Erikas book took her from a small brick and mortar business to an internationally renowned expert and trainer!

“Before we started working together, Erika Flint had a successful local hypnotherapy business where she helped her clients to lose weight. Seeing the results she got for her clients and helping them through their suffering was so rewarding she knew she had to get her message out there in a way she could reach and help more people. She decided to do that by writing a book.

When Erika first attempted to write her book she was working with a different publisher. She found the experience was not at all what she was looking for. Erika was confident in her own expertise and content for the book but she needed guidance on how to turn that information into a book that would actually make a difference in peoples lives. Most publishers just print your manuscript and they don’t help you determine if the book will help your business or your clients. She didn’t want to go through all the trouble of writing a book and have it not be effective. After months of trying and failing to write her book, she came to me.

By following my program, Erika found exactly what she was looking for. She not only got guidance on how to write a book that really makes a difference but the process of determining her ideal reader made it so easy for her to write. She would run her busy practice during the day and go home and write at night. She was surprised at how fast and easily the writing flowed once she had it all mapped out!

After months of struggling with her previous publisher, Erika completed her first book with me in just three months and got picked up by a major New York publisher who is putting her book in bookstores! Her second book with me she wrote in just three days and it will soon be in bookstores too.

Since her first book came out, Erika’s business has doubled. She’s getting faster results for her clients by working with people who read her book before they came to her. She’s now working with both local and remote clients and has hosted live events based on her book which help her to create a community and share her message of hope with even more people. She’s even become a sought-after expert and trainer for other hypnotherapists because of the authority her book has given her. Writing her book has been so much more fulfilling for her and has changed and grown her business in ways she didn’t even image possible.”

– Dr. Angela Lauria


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