Dr. Shaunna Menard
A Success Story

How Shaunna left a lucrative medical job and saved thousands of lives with her book.

When Shaunna came to The Author Incubator, she had one mission…

to change and save lives.”

And, because she believes that its mostly our own decisions that define our physical health, the way she wanted to achieve that was by teaching health coaches to build a sustainable practice.

But at that time, her business serving health coaches was failing.

Shaunna was the sole provider for her family, and she couldn’t just leave her lucrative, safe practice as a doctor.

Enter The Author Incubator

After applying and joining the program, Shaunna immediately started writing her transformational book using the principles we teach.

Within 9-weeks she had finished her book, and made over $20,000 at her book launch.

6 months later, Shaunna’s business serving health coaches had grown to $250,000!

She left her job, learned how to turn her readers into paying clients, and now is changing lives by the thousands!


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