Dr. Rachel Talton
A Success Story

How Rachel uses her book to launch a movement that is changing women’s lives across the country.

“Dr. Rachel Talton is at the forefront of her movement helping women to improve in every area of their lives. As a self professed “Geek in 6 inch heels”, Rachel has done the research to learn what it means for people to thrive, how they do it and why they don’t. She knows exactly how to help successful women change their lives and truly flourish.

When she came to me she was already sharing her message with women at conferences – but she wanted a way to reach more than a conference room of people at a time. She wanted to touch and transform the lives of a million women – and the book she wrote with me has been a wonderful way to get her message into many more peoples’ hands quickly.

Her book is a tool that’s helping to accelerate her reach, to get her message into a lot of peoples’ hands quickly, and it’s a way for clients who hear her talk or come to her events to get to know her more intimately and understand her message even more deeply. And she even wrote her manuscript in just three days!”

– Dr. Angela Lauria


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