Christie Hayden
A Success Story

How Christie went from an hourly life coach struggling to pay the bills to a bestselling author with a $2.2 million dollar business.

“In my time as a book coach I don’t think I’ve had a client that takes action as quickly and genuinely as Christie Hayden. She’s the bestselling author of Ignite Your Truth: Set Your Soul On Fire- but she’s also a rockstar businesswoman with explosive results who does absolutely everything from a place of love.

Before Christie started working with me, she was already getting big results for her clients- but she found herself struggling financially because she couldn’t grasp what she or those results were worth. She always had the mojo that’s so clear today, but you’d never know that her success so closely followed a heartbreaking lifelong struggle for love and acceptance.

But in spite of her tragic youth (which she discusses in the video), Christie has always excelled at the two most important things: taking real action and authentically loving her clients. So when we started working together to identify her ideal reader and find her niche, it was like all the pieces suddenly came together because suddenly those clients and prospects had become her tribe as well as the family and the home she never had growing up.

Three months after starting the program Christie broke $100K; two months after that she hit $500K. She now has a 2.2 million dollar business helping business owners find their light. And it’s not because she got everything “right” the first time or because she has all the YouTube ads- it really stems from her willingness to take action from a place of service and deepest love, whether you’re her client or not.”

Dr. Angela Lauria


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