Cassie Parks
A Success Story

How Cassie Parks, a Law of Attraction expert, used the Law to become a bestselling author and create a six-figure business serving her readers.

“Seven time bestselling author Cassie Parks is a passionate author, coach, speaker, champagne lover, and a guide for those who want to create their happy ever after. She is living her happy ever after every day, and it’s not because she got lucky or someone waved their magic wand, but because she set out on a path to create it and didn’t stop until she got it.

Before she came to me, she self-published a book she thought would be a hit. It was only downloaded 100 times, she didn’t get any clients from it, she wasted about two months of her focus on it and she wasn’t any better off and neither were the people she longed to serve.

The problem was, she didn’t know how to write a book that actually made a difference.

After she wrote her first book with me, Money Mindset For A Champagne Life, 700 people improved their money mindsets by going through her program. In November 2015 she made 59 times that of November 2014 and doubled her corporate monthly salary. But to her, it’s not just about the money. Almost every day she hears from someone about the impact her work is having on their life. People are living their happy ever after story. They are experiencing more abundance than ever before. They are taking leaps and changing their lives because her work has a greater reach in the world.

With each book she writes with me she is regarded more as the “go to” expert in her industry. The books have skyrocketed her credibility and positioning in the skill. It differentiates her. She is seen as one of the leading experts and that has changed the way her business feels, the amount of money she makes, and most importantly how she sees herself. She didn’t realize how much she had accomplished or how much she knew or how much work she had done on her money mindset until she wrote the book. Putting it all down on paper
was like having a mirror that showed her she is an expert. Seeing herself as an expert made her more confident in sharing what she does and serving her clients.”

– Dr. Angela Lauria

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