Amari Ice
A Success Story

How Amari used his book to start a business, leave his corporate job and make a bigger impact.

“Amari Ice was seriously hustling when he came to me. He had a full-time job, was running live events and finishing his master’s degree and coaching certifications. Not to mention balancing his personal life with his partner, family and friends.

He was working in the healthcare field as a coach but he couldn’t find any books or resources written about black gay relationships to recommend for his clients. So he decided he needed to write that book. He set out with a goal to finish the book in 6 months and halfway through found himself with nothing to show for it.

That’s when he signed up to work with me. By following my program, he was able to finish his book in just a couple weeks and stayed on track for his goal even with his busy schedule and full-time job. My program gave him the structure with deadlines and accountability to keep him on track and the support of other authors in the community provided so much love and encouragement to get him through it.

At first he expected he would just write his book so he would have a resource to give his clients and stay at the job he loved. But he soon realized there was no way he was going to be able to make the progress and impact he wanted if his attention was split between his job and coaching business. So he decided he was going all in. He made a bet on himself, and it was the best decision he ever made.

The day before Amari’s book launched, he left his full-time job for good to focus on his business. One month after the launch he had his first $12,000 month. In his very first quarter in business, he replaced his entire year’s corporate salary and then some. Amari is now the world’s first certified black gay male matchmaker. He spends every day doing the work that he loves and is changing people’s lives for the better.”

– Dr. Angela Lauria


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