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Shower Full of Scorpions

Do you deserve more than you are getting?
More fun?
More love?
More play?
More money?
More beauty?
More adulation?
More attention?

I remember feeling this way when I worked in corporate America.

The building was filled with drones who refused to think creatively or strategically, or they were totally incapable. I’d come up with an amazing, out of the box idea and expect everyone to be so excited. I’d be waiting for flowers, or a raise, or an invitation to lunch with the CEO to find out how we could make more of the company like me.

Instead my ideas got trounced and half the time I’d end up in trouble.

It baffled me. I KNEW I deserved so much more than I was getting.

But here’s the thing I’ve come to see in my own life and in the lives of my clients.

“We do not get what we DESERVE. We get what we SETTLE FOR.”

Every client I take on deserves thousands of engaged readers. Not everyone gets that because not everyone insists on it.

Some of my clients are different.

They insist on excellence. They insist on making a difference with their work. They simply will not accept or tolerate anything less. Yes – I teach strategies for making your book more discoverable on Amazon and I teach how to craft titles to increase the chance of your book going viral. Those things help, but for massive success here’s what you need to do:

Up-level Everything!

Stop settling. Do you have a coffee cup full of half-dried out pens? Dump them all and go buy yourself an amazing high quality pen you treasure. (There is nothing like a great pen.)

Do you have a shower full of half used Suave bottles? Dump them all and get yourself the most luxuriant bath products you can find so every shower is an expression of massive self love.

Have an old couch you hate? Dump it and buy a new one you adore.

Teach yourself settling isn’t an option. You get what you accept.

1Would you walk into a shower, see a scorpion and just quietly go about your business showering? No! That’s UNACCEPTABLE.

How about a dirty shower? Would you shower with mold and grime? Probably not, right?

What if you moved that bar up again? What if you only showered in showers with the perfect water pressure and the best soaps and shampoos? What if you KNEW you were worthy of excellence.

There isn’t a single area where we EVER ‘arrive’ and which can’t be up-leveled.

Adequate is easy to do, but it costs you so much more in the end.

When you invest in your excellence, everything around you magnifies.

A commitment to excellence takes MUCH more concerted focus and effort up-front, but it’s soooo much easier to live with the benefits of that kind of life.

Sometimes our dream life can feel sooo far away….

But when we get committed and invested, the Universe responds to turn our commitment and focus into reality. You make it clear settling for less than you deserve is just no longer an option.


In fact, until they are MUST HAVES you are sending the signal you are actually fine with less than you deserve.

You in? Shoot me a note or leave a comment and tell me once you are ready to up-level to excellence.

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