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I have a son in college, as some of you know. When he started his adventure (he’s a junior now) we never considered the fact he wouldn’t finish. We never even contemplated him failing a single class.

Of course, he picked the most expensive school in the country, and even though he got scholarships, it’s been a huge investment, but in a weird way an easy one to make. We were all clear we wanted him to be a college graduate and that he would make the most of the experience socially and academically.

AND HE HAS! I am incredibly proud of all of his accomplishments so far and the ones to come.

But here’s the thing I realized. The reason that mammoth investment was so easy to make was that we believed he will be successful. And, part of the reason he will be successful is that he knows we have made a big investment in him. These are the 2 ingredients of success — belief and investment in that belief.

If you don’t invest, you won’t believe and if you don’t believe, you won’t invest.

So… I’ve got to ask – do you want to write a book or do you actually believe it’s going to happen? Those are two different things.

Belief requires investment… wanting just leaves you twisting in the wind.

After creating dozens of bestselling books with my Your Delicious Book program, I’ve decided the time has come to increasing the investment starting with my December 2nd group. However, I have 1 slot left in my group that starts today and I wanted to give you an opportunity to join and finish your book this coming January — in just 3 months!

If you are ready to stop talking about writing a book and to actually get it done, hit reply to this email and tell me you believe and you are ready to invest. Just like those 2 words guaranteed my son will be a college graduate, those 2 words guarantee you will be a best selling author. I’m ready if you are!

p.s. I’m always happy to jump on a call and give you some free advice about writing and publishing a book that makes a difference. You can sign up for a strategy session with me right here:

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