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You Are Eligible For Our Referral Program – Here’s A Short Training About How To Set Up Your Contacts For Success

Our referral program is a quick and easy way for you to help your contacts and friends fulfill their missions to make a difference in peoples’ lives. What we’ve found is that the acceptance rate of people who you refer is much higher than people who find us in other ways, because all of you KNOW who would be a great fit for the program. In fact, over 42% of our authors are referred to us!

Also, when your referred person signs-up, we will send you $1,000.

All you have to do is send your referrals to

They need to put in your name into the application when they’re asked if they know a Difference Press author.

This will trigger an alert in our back-end system so we prioritize their app. While they still need to go through the acceptance and interview process if they are a fit, and we are down to our last available spots (which we usually are), your contact will get priority placement over people who find us in other ways.

You will also be alerted when anyone applies to the program and specifies you as the one who referred them. When you receive an alert, please use this short video to help you prepare them for their interview and to work with us.

Angela also hopes that by providing this training you will also be able to take the ideas and apply them to your clients to help them get you great referrals as well. Here are some commonly asked questions:

Q: What do I say about the price?

A: The truth is if you share the price out of context of the value this result will provide to them it won’t make a lot of sense and it’s likely to scare them from taking action that could change their life and thousands of lives. That said you should always answer honestly. If they don’t ask, I wouldn’t mention it. If they do ask one honest thing you could say is this “I know it doesn’t cost anything to apply. She only offers spaces to about 20% of applicants and her prices and programs are different so I’m not sure if she would make you an offer or what it would be for. Her prices and programs are always changing so fast it’s hard to keep up.”

Q: How many details should I give about the program?

A: For sure you want to tell them Angela only works with people who either have NOT written their books or who are ready to start over from scratch. She also only works with people who have or WANT to have a speaking, coaching, or consulting business related to their book. The program will get you to a finished manuscript, a publishing plan and a marketing plan but it’s a lot more than that. It’s really setting you up to make a bigger difference to more people.

Q: What should I say if they ask “was it worth it”?

A: There is no need to “over sell” I think it’s always best to say something like “Like anything else you get out of it what you put into it.” And then of course answer honestly.

Q: Does it include publishing?

A: This program is about writing the right book that has the potential to generate hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. She’ll teach you how to publish at any budget but realistically you’ll need at least a couple hundred dollars for design and proofreading.

Q: How much is it if you want publish with her?

A: Angela doesn’t charge to publish with her but she only makes her free publishing services available to people who are accepted into her year long mentorship program. So you’d need to wait and see if you were a fit for that.

Q: Will you get compensated for referring me?

A: Yes, Angela does pay a referral fee even though she doesn’t have an official affiliate program. She only takes referrals from authors who have worked with her since we know what it’s like and have a sense of who we would want in the program. (And then if you plan to give a portion of your referral fee to charity or something you can share that.)

Q: What didn’t you like about working with Angela?

A: Angela is pretty intense and I can see how someone might not like her approach. She is more like a boot camp instructor than a gentle yoga teacher so you have to be ready for that. I do think it’s part of why she gets such amazing results. But if you need someone super gentle, this program might not be good for you.

Q: Who do you think would NOT be successful?

A: In general I’d say if you don’t have a commitment to serving other people and making a difference with your message on a wider scale a lot of what Angela says might not make sense. IT’s definitely not just about writing a book. There is a lot more to it – so if you aren’t willing to trust the process it will be hard to get the full benefit.

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