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Pleasance Silicki – Book Journeys Author Interview – Dec. 1, 2016

On this episode of Book Journeys, Vice President for The Author Incubator, Jenn McRobbie, interviews Pleasance Silicki, author of Delight: Eight Principles for Living with Joy and Ease.

(Note: This is actually Pleasance’s second interview on Book Journeys Radio for Delight: Eight Principles for Living with Joy and Ease, with her first one being conducted last July 28, 2016.)

pleasance-silicki-image-250x188Pleasance admits that, when she wrote Delight, she was at a point of transition in her life, with one of the things taking place then being her shutting down her yoga studio. She wasn’t sure of what to do next, at the time, and she was glad for the opportunity to write out the book, as it gave her a chance to sit down to create a tool by which she could help others, as well as to clarify what it was she was doing in the world. Pleasance noted that she just “crossed fingers” and trusted the process, as she didn’t know why she was writing the book and didn’t know what the outcome would be. She acknowledges that she would have merely been “spinning wheels” this year had she not written Delight, and acknowledges that Angela’s system for writing books, particularly where such aspects as accountability and structure are concerned, helped her write out the book in a shorter amount of time compared to had she written Delight on her own.

pleasance-silicki-book-image-2Prior to the release of the book, Pleasance was known only at the “hyper-local” level, known only in the general area of her yoga studio. Since the release of her book, Pleasance has been contacted by various yoga studios to conduct workshops on wellness, and by her own account, she also held one such workshop in the backyard of some neighborhood friends. As of the time of this interview, Pleasance was excited with her upcoming Delight retreat, which would take place over a weekend, which focuses on the principles in Delight, and which she hopes to conduct at least twice a year, moving forward.

Pleasance acknowledges that the book has enabled her to place, into the hands of her readers, all of the wisdom that’s been passed on through meditation, the yoga tradition and Buddhism, and how all of these can help people in today’s modern society.

On a business level, Pleasance is presently using the book to expand her business in a way that is aligned with where she presently is in her life, preferring to deal with a small group of committed individuals rather than a large group of “friends,” and remarks that the book and the entire writing and publishing process has been a “gift” beyond what she could previously imagine. To would-be authors who want focus, Pleasance recommends that they prune their message down to the core of whatever these are, and to focus on one ideal reader, rather than to everyone in the world. She also noted the importance of needing to connect with others at an authentic level, to create passion and loyalty to the subject that one presents.

Listen to the Pleasance Silicki Interview on Book Journeys Radio

(Transcript) Pleasance Silicki – Book Journeys Author Interview – December 1, 2016

DOWNLOAD the PDF: Book Journeys Author Interview – Pleasance Silicki – Dec. 1, 2016

Watch out for Angela’s interview with another exciting author.

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