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Want to Be Paid $100,000, $250,000, or Even $1,000,000 As A First Time Author?

Presented by Dr. Angela Lauria, founder of Difference Press

30-Year Industry Veteran Reveals What Publishers are Buying NOW and How to Get in on Opportunities that Pay Big Money to Authors  

Your Path to Getting Published

If you go to sleep at night thinking, “I was born to write! I am going to be a best-selling author!”, tomorrow I am get started. I’ll figure out how to balance my home life, show up for the kid’s activities, date nights with my partner, and pour myself into my clients to ensure their success and make a boatload of money all by myself” ✨…. And then tomorrow comes and you find yourself wanting to cry, shove chocolate in your face and wonder if 11am is the appropriate time to open wine…

We’ve got you girl.

Put down the Russell Stover’s and pay attention.

In this half-day Intensive Workshop for Writers, you will learn how to make BIG MONEY from your BOOK IDEA, even before you write your book... and even if you have never written a book before! I'll show you how to develop your book idea into a blockbuster proposal that will get you a literary agent and a giant book advance, EVEN if you have never done anything like this before.

Are you thinking about writing a book but worry that it will just be a waste of time, and no one will read it? Do you wonder how to get your book in bookstores or in airports, or grocery stores? Thinking about self-publishing but want the credibility and cache that comes with a top New York Publishing house promoting you and your book?

You don’t have to be the pioneer and get the arrows in your back. Writing the book is not the first move. Getting a Publishing-industry veteran who has a proven formula to help you grow is the first move.

There are two ways to get a book out in the world:

  • You can learn from the experience of others, and not get the arrows in your back


  • The school of hard knocks, you can continue trying and failing and make the road to success and balance like a cross-country trip in a smelly RV

 You have a song to sing; the world needs to hear it. You have all the equipment inside of you; you just need the manual.

It Is Time For You to Sing Your Song 🎤

Listen, you can have a well-paid writing career, but there are steps you need to know to actually get paid what you deserve and be known as someone who sells lots of books and changes their reader's lives.

To get a big book deal, you need an agent (me or someone else), and to get an agent, you need a proposal. If you were trying to get a real estate agent to sell your house for you, they would want to come to see the house and the neighborhood so they could let you know what they think they can sell it for. It’s the same thing with a Literary Agent. To get an agent to work for a commission, you need to show them what they are going to sell. But since literary agents can’t take a tour of your life and your future book, like real estate agents, can tour your home, you need to write a proposal.

 Information is Power!!

... and if you have the right information, in short order, YOU can have a book that reaches the masses. No more hiding behind imposter syndrome. Hell, if your baking skills are on point, you could even volunteer at the kid’s school and be a PTA mom while being “That Bad Ass” the other moms whisper about being a bestselling author at drop-off and pick-up.

This virtual event will change the way you look at writing a book forever. Space will be limited.

Register Now!!

In this free training, Difference Press CEO, Angela Lauria will show you:

  • Why writing a book is the best way to build your brand.
  • How to sell your book idea before you write the book.
  • Common mistakes most new authors and business owners make before they even start writing.  
  • The difference between a good book (what most people focus on) and an effective book (what it takes to get a 6 or 7-figure book advance).
  • How to know if you are a good enough writer to get this done.
  • 3 things every Publisher wants to know about you before giving you any money.
  • The exact way my clients have gotten a top Literary Agent.
  • Shortcuts and essentials to writing a book proposal that sells for (at least) six figures as easily as possible.

 aaaYour information is kept 100% secure and is never shared.

If you are wondering if you have what it takes to be in this elite community of authors, you won’t want to miss this free training.

So far over 1500 authors have worked with Difference Press to get their books written. These books have touched millions of lives, generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue, and made an incalculably positive impact in the world.

A few of our Author Testimonials

Sophia Remolde  

Pilgrimage Leader

I worked with Dr. Angela to write and publish my transformational book. I made $81,000, and now my book helps me create a multi-six figure business doing what I love!

Tamara Arnold

Business Energy Coach  

I went from working at a gym to being a best-selling author and making $500k in 18 months after working with Dr. Angela!

Amari Ice  

Relationship Coach  

I left my corporate job, and now I’m making twice as much money and a much bigger impact as a bestselling author thanks to the help of Dr. Angela!

Majeed Mogharreban  

Professional Speaker  

Dr. Angela helped me go from broke with a book idea to #1 best-selling author with $500,000 in revenue.

Your information is kept 100% secure and is never shared.

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