At The Author Incubator, your intellectual and creative journey moves seamlessly between the online classroom, our campus in Georgetown, and our Castle in McLean, Virginia.

While most work happens in a virtual, online environment, making the trip to Washington DC affords students the opportunity to experience the endless stimulation from being in a powerful vortex of creativity. Washington DC is not just the seat of the country’s government – it’s also the home of the world’s largest center of activism. Literally hundreds of thousands of lightworkers come here for the good of the whole planet every day, and The Author Incubator’s is a part of this energy.

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The Author Training Academy

Located in the nation’s capital, The Author Training Academy, our academic building in Georgetown, is an exciting place to be. With the largest collection of giant geodes in North America, multiple commissioned art and music installations designed specifically for authors-in-transformation, and a community that will inspire your interests and passions, visits to The Author Training Academy are amazing networking opportunities for coaches, healers, and transformation agents from all over the world.

The Campus is located at the corner of 30th and M Streets in the heart of Georgetown, with classrooms, faculty offices, author services, hot desks for students and alumni, administrative offices and the state of the art, bio-hacking Zen Den. A rooftop deck offers breathtaking views of the Potomac and Arlington. The hotel and athletic club across the courtyard offers residential services, and meals and snacks are served in the Hogwart’s inspired Author Cafe. While attending classes at The Author Training Academy, authors are encouraged to patronize local businesses and interact regularly with others in the community.

Digital Campus

The Author Incubator is a modern vocational school with an online student center that serves our student body around the world. Classes are available online, recorded and streamed to any device.

Our online student center offers unfettered access to expert teaching and guidance, continuously improving as we create more and more successful authors and watch their impact and results. Our expert faculty host several online coaching groups via videoconference, and offers online support groups where they are continuously available to monitor your work and provide the accountability and support you need to get your transformational book written and published.



The Author Castle

Celebration is part of how our magic becomes real. With bald eagles circling overhead, we regularly hold picnics, parties, balls and galas at The Author Castle where we celebrate turning your dreams into reality – both amongst ourselves and in the company of all of your followers.




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