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My Favorite Sweater


When I arrived in New Zealand I went straight to the youth hostel on Queen St. in Auckland. I passed this little boutique on the way and saw a sweater that seemed to speak to me through the glass “Buy ME!” it said!


I checked into the hostel and then ducked out to try to catch the boutique before it closed. I made it! But only to find the sweater of my dreams was over $300!

Talking sweater or not…. I was not spending $300 on the first day of my trip. In fact, I have a rule that I never spend more than $20 per item of clothing… to this day! $300 was beyond not happening.

My Kiwi adventure continued with all the traditional stops…

  • The stench-filled mudpools and geysers of Rotorua
  • Glowworms in the Waitomo Caves
  • White water rafting in Lake Taupo
  • A Rugby victory by the All-Blacks
  • The BEST fish and chips (aka fush and chups) ever in Mount Maunganui
  • Etc etc

But through it all I kept thinking about that damn, $300 sweater – especially at night when it was cold!

Before heading down to the South Island, I had another night in Auckland. My sweater was right in the window where I left her and this time, something changed, I was ready to buy, but the damn store was closed! I arrived too late on a Saturday and was leaving too early on a Sunday. Short of breaking the glass, I couldn’t have my sweater.

(BTW – every time I write sweater, I’m really thinking “jumper” since that’s what they call them down under… but I digress.)

angela-1I hopped down to Queenstown and Otago and Christchurch. I fell in love with the South Island – which like everyone does because the south island is stunning, but a little piece of my heart was trapped in a boutique in Auckland. I kept thinking about that stupid sweater!

I was supposed to fly from Christchurch to Melbourne, but I couldn’t leave my sweater behind. I rejigged some things to fly back up to Auckland. The change cost me $150, plus some extra transport and accommodations costs, but I got my sweater. In the end, it probably cost me $500 or more but it was MINE and I was not leaving the country without it.

A decade plus later it’s still one of my favorite articles of clothing. I have no idea why but I can’t put it on without smiling (and telling this story!).

But why am I telling you about my favorite sweater today? I guess because so many of you have told me that you wanted to work with me but you were afraid about the cost or the time commitment or your ability to deliver something you are proud of and it reminded me of how much more it cost me to not just buy the sweater when I knew it was right for me.

I want to make your decision easier than mine was though. So for a super limited time I’m offering you the chance to try my Coaches Book Circle program for just $1. The program is normally $77 a month and includes 2 group coaching calls a month; an author-in-transformation student center filled with resources; and half price one-on-one coaching with me.

In addition to group coaching time with me, we bring in guest faculty to give you the inside track on how your book can make a bigger difference.

Recent guest lecture topics we’ve explored include:

  • How Your Personal Style Can Help your Book Launch (Wendy Lyn Phillips)
  • Using your Book to Build a B2B Business (Ali Cudby)
  • The Magic of Social Media for Creating a Brand (Lianne Farbes)
  • Why Secretly Approval Seeking can Kill your Book Project (Amy Pearson)
  • On Beauty and Writing Well (Anna Kunnecke)
  • Creating a Formula for Success (Julie Bauke)
  • Leading with Intuition (Patty Lennon)
  • Using your Book to get PR (Beth Feldman)
  • Getting Paid to Speak about your Book on College Campuses (Eliza Greenwood)
  • Focusing When there are So Many Things you Want to Do (Sarah Yost)
  • Speaking your Truth (Michelle Mazur)
  • Time Management Secrets (Jill Farmer)

Coming up!

  • 60 Ways to Repurpose your Content (MamaRed Knight)
  • Crack the Code on Your Creativity – how your personality, process, product and pressures interact when you create (Julia Roberts)


Look, there is no pressure here, but if you have been thinking about working with me, the way I thought about that sweater as I traipsed around the land of the long white cloud, I’d love for you to get access to all the classes above plus dozens of others hosted by me for just $1.

Think about it – and if it feels good, I’d love to play with you in August and see if there is a fit to keep working on your book together.

P.S. I’ll send you another reminder next week but this is a limited time offer. You’ve got until August 8th to act. If you know you want to take advantage of this $1 offer, visit And if there is someone you think would benefit, please pass this along!

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