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This week, I am honored to give the mic to one of my talented new Authors, Dr. Michelle Mazur. I will let her share her knowledge with you about how to get your book out into the world – here goes!:

You’re an author or because of Angela’s guidance you’re fast on your way to becoming one.

Now that you have your story, your ideas, your words out of your head and into the hands of others, it’s time to make an even bigger splash with your message.

Start speaking to promote your book.

The more people who hear your message, the bigger difference you make in the lives of people who need what you’ve got to offer.

Your book is the catalyst to a larger platform. It’s time to start speaking up.

I get it. You might be scared of public speaking (it’s the #1 fear, right?) or the voices in the head are telling you that you’re going to suck and no one gives a crap about what you have to say.

But it’s time to face the fear and anxiety around public speaking and kick their collective ass. And the voices in your head, it’s time to put on your favorite superhero outfit and tell them to bugger off!

There are good reasons to shout from the mountaintops about your book.

Here’s five great reasons to get in front of that room and speak up for your book.

1. The world needs your voice

There needs to be more difference makers in the world and less people hawking their wares from the stage with the only goal being to sell their shit.

You’ve got this book or this idea for a book and frankly we need to hear it. It’s time to stop keeping your book as the best kept secret in the universe and time to unleash your message from center stage.

2. You’ve got it – the passion factor

Being an author means you LOVE what you your topic. You wrote a whole book on it and that takes commitment with just a dash of moxie.

Frankly, you’ve got IT. The passion factor.

Audiences love people who are fired up. In fact, enthusiasm is contagious. When the audience can feel that there’s nothing in the world you’d rather talk about, they get excited too!

Unbridle your enthusiasm about your topic and let your message shine.

3. The audience loves an expert

During the run up to the release of my book, Speak Up for Your Business, just the mention that I was an author with a book coming out landed me opportunities to get my message out.

Speaking gig. Podcasts. Radio shows. Webinar. Google Hangouts.

These people didn’t even READ my book just the mere mention meant that I’m an expert.

You now have an in and you’re a highly regarded expert.

Use that knowledge to boost your confidence and get the message out.

4. The experience of seeing how your content impacts people

Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall while someone reads your book?

Imagine watching them smile, nod in agreement or scribbling notes as they read.

How would that feel?

Amazing, right?

Unfortunately, you’re not a fly or a weirdo who hangs at people’s homes while they read your book.

But when you speak, you get to witness how your words change lives.

All it takes is one person coming up to you and saying how your insight changed them, and you’ll want to speak more.

5. You’ll sell more books

When you’ve created an epic experience for your audience, they want to take a little piece of you home with them. It’s just like visiting Paris. That tiny Eiffel tower your purchased bring home is your reminder of Paris…always.

Your book is that memento to an audience member. It’s also a calling card for your business. When they need what you’ve got to offer, they’ll pluck your book off the shelf, and give you a ring.

It’s your time to get your message out, to make a difference, and to take advantage of all the opportunities a book gives you to speak your truth.

Ready to get out there and transform the world one compelling presentation at a time?

The way to start is by grabbing a copy of the newly released Speak Up for Your Business: Presentation Secrets for Entrepreneurs Ready to Tell, Sell, & Compel.

Thanks Michelle! Guys, her book really IS awesome. Check it out.

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