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Dr. Michael Provitera – Book Journeys Author Interview – July 3, 2014

Michael-Provitera-Author-of-Mastering-Self-Motivation-Preparing-Yourself-for-Personal-Excellence-265x300In another episode of Book Journeys, Angela interviewed the President of Motivational Leadership Training, Michael Provitera, who talked about his book, Mastering Self-Motivation: Preparing Yourself for Personal Excellence. Michael is also a professor of business management at Barry University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and carries with him fifteen years of experience as an executive in Wall Street. The book is specifically written for undergraduate students in college but is very much applicable to anyone who wants to be motivated. It is about  mastering self-motivation so that you could accomplish everything you want to and become everything that you were meant to become. It is for people who get to a point when they don’t see themselves being promoted anymore in their place of work and want some self-promotion. Michael saw himself in this dilemma when he became Assistant Vice President at a company in Wall Street and asked himself the question, “How can I promote myself right now?” And so he decided to write his book.

Michael’s book is a product of extensive research with over three hundred references from business books and articles by gurus of management, pop psychologists, and academic scholars. He self-published his book and has had tremendous success since he launched it. He has been able to have a wider reach, getting his name out publicity-wise and has made a really strong headway into the social media. He started with Blog Talk Radio and then got into television and other radio stations. He also did some press releases and put himself on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. He came up with a very strong book trailer on his website which does not exactly talk about his book but about being motivated, and this has already gotten almost a thousand hits on YouTube. Michael’s first book segued into his second book which, interestingly, was published by a traditional publisher this time. He said the new was designed to appeal to executives and leaders, which it did quite successfully.

Mastering-Self-Motivation-books-by-Author-Michael-Provitera-300x228Michael’s advice about publishing a book is not to limit oneself to just one kind of publishing. He says one can go into self-publishing and then send some good chapters to a traditional publisher. If it’s picked up, they can just rewrite and edit it the publisher’s way and once it’s accepted, then they will also have a traditionally published book. His motivational tip for aspiring writers is to not look at the completion of the book as the basis for self-motivation. Instead it should come from getting to the small platforms they meet when they’re trying to get to the top of the mountain. Mike suggests the use of Mind Map that allows you to brainstorm through each chapter and set up outlines for each. To add to this, Mike points out that self-motivated people are those who look at work and play as the same thing. As Michael says it, “When one is doing what he loves, then it doesn’t feel like work.”

The best thing coming out of being an author for MIchael is the fact that he is able to reach people who are far away from him and connect with them through the written word. In particular, he has been able to teach and help communities across continents without travelling a foot out of America, and for him, this is the most rewarding.

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