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Write a book that makes a difference and create a business serving your readers.

In this free training, The Author Incubator CEO, Angela Lauria will show you:

  • How to get paying clients from your book within 30 days (even before you've published).
  • How your book can be done within 24-48 hours of writing time, or less.  
  • How to make money with your message of hope, healing, and transformation while being in total integrity.  
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  • How one single reader can be worth over $20,000 to you (and how to find out which one).
  • How to release the biggest block that's stopping you from starting your book
  • NOW OR NEVER - why this is the time to finally get your book out there and start serving your people
  • How my authors are serving more (and making WAY more) during the crisis

Over 1,000+ authors have worked with The Author Incubator to write over 1,200 books. These books have touched millions of lives, generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue, and made an incalculably positive impact in the world, and during the crisis.

A Few Of Our Authors

During the training you're going to find out more about how our authors are using their books to serve humanity and grow their businesses.

Dr. Shaunna Menard  

Professional Speaker

Helping health coaches reach a wider audience at the time when humanity needs them the most.

Tamara Arnold

Chakra Business Academy  

Tamara is helping people discern and release root chakra blocks that are preventing them from serving others.

Amari Ice  

Relationship Coach  

Flipped from a nationwide event tour around the USA to creating a TV show. Can't say too much yet, but it's going to be epic!

Majeed Mogharreban  

Professional Speaker  

Pivoted from teaching professional speaking to teaching how to sell with a story online so his students can make money and help people.