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Marianne Williamson Came To Bless Our February Cohort

At The Author Incubator, we believe Magic is real.

We have said it in our company since the beginning.

Why? Because in 1997 I became a student of A Course in Miracles and in 1998 I had my first #ACIM consciously-induced miracle after doing the workbook for a full year. This was the moment I realized Love really is the only effective strategy there is. When you know how to return to love, you know how to create miracles. And when you know how to create miracles, you know magic is really.

AND… all that said…. all these many miracles later… I still find myself in awe of this one….

Marianne Williamson came to bless our newest authors from the February cohort. Many of them functional medicine Practitioners who have a vested interest in Marianne’s integrative health political platform. While she isn’t a candidate right now, her political positions align perfectly with so many of our authors’ books.

As she said yesterday, the form may have changed but the content remains the same and just as vital.
















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