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Magic is Real

We believe magic is real.

Magic is the power of influencing events by using some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature.

We call this force, love.

Our mission is to amplify the voices of magic-makers by helping them write, publish & promote their non-fiction books.

We do this because it brings about permanent, lasting, meaningful change in the world.

Our vision is to bring more magic to the world by creating the world’s premier vocational school for magic-makers who are committed to creating hope, healing, and transformation.

We help our authors fulfill their life’s purpose by writing books that actually make a difference, to their families, their readers, and the world.


We empower our students to fulfill their life’s purpose by giving them mind-blowing, magical, love-filled, customer experiences.

We make our author’s dreams come true.

We are The Author Incubator.

Under our CEO Dr. Angela, our team has helped 776 authors create over 1,000 books. And in 2019 we are working on releasing 300 in a single year.

We’re going to do a little series on Instagram over the next few days where you’ll get to meet a few of our key team members— they are the ones who help get your book done. Make sure you’re following us at:


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