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Lyn Hicks – Book Journeys Author Interview – Mar. 3, 2016

On this episode of Book Journeys, Angela interviews Lyn Hicks, author of The Lotus Project: The Art of Being a Woman.

Lyn Hicks PictureLyn held retreats for several masters on her organic flower farm, and from these learned such ideas and information as health and nutrition and the different ways men and women operate. The information was practical to her, and after Lyn then began using the information she received in her life she began noticing a transformation in how she felt about herself as a person and as a woman, including her relationships with others. Lyn then began sharing the principles she learned with others, and after remarking to one of her teachers that she needed to share some of these in a book, her teacher suggested she do it, and so she did.

Lyn Hicks BookLyn had always been a writer, so she created an outline of subjects she wanted to talk about. Lyn admits that, while writing out the book was “time consuming” for her, it was also something she was intent on doing. Lyn stepped away from the book whenever she felt stumped, and while Angela pointed out that most authors turn stepping away from the writing of their book into a cycle of blame, where they tell themselves that they are failures and that the book thus doesn’t get done. Lyn noted that, as her book is about practical living, she needed to live what she was writing about, and that attunement helped make writing the book easier.

Lyn admits that she probably rewrote each chapter “ten, twenty” times, and that it helped to have someone other than herself look at her work to make sure that what she wanted to say came out clearly to her target audience, which were the average women. She remarked that writing the book was a vast endeavor and that, overall, her experience with writing and publishing the book was something she enjoyed, and that working with a publisher who knows the system of writing and publishing is a great help. Lyn, however, remarked that she wished she knew a bit more about marketing and promoting the book, as these are some of her present challenges.

Since her book was published, Lyn has received e-mails from readers who had been impacted by it, and she is also continuing to share what she has learned. Her book will be part of an online class designed to support women in building feminine communities, and is presently thinking of writing a book on empathy and what she learned about it. To would-be authors, she advises that getting a book published is a fun journey, and while it will enable the author to grow it also will, once done, give authors great opportunities to share with and inspire other people.

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(Transcript) Lyn Hicks – Book Journeys Author Interview – March 3, 2016

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Watch out for Angela’s interview with another exciting author.

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