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Logging my 10,000 Hours

10000Hours-300x202I love books that change the conversation, don’t you? Like we all talk so freely about getting 10,000 hours of experience as a benchmark of expertise because Malcolm Gladwell wrote about it so convincingly in Blink! Or we talk about meeting someone who is a “linchpin” because Seth Godin taught us about these amazing folks who can create order out of indecipherable chaos.

I was thinking about this today because today is the day I get to announce I have officially passed the 10,000 hour mark in weight loss. Actually I probably have 100,000 hours of experience losing weight, but I’ve decided today is the day I claim my expert status… Because today is the day I can say I’ve lost 100 pounds for the 5th time.

There are a lot of factors that make this time different but my favorite is my linchpin, Brooke Castillo. Brooke definitely brought a houseful of order to my chaos… Now I know why I have struggled with my weight and I know the struggle is finally over! I’m not done dropping pounds but I’m so done with weight loss drama!

These 10,000 hours were hard fought and they help me relate to other people’s struggles with productivity, writing their book, and getting and staying motivated. My clients know I’m always making weight loss metaphors because writing a book is surprisingly similar to losing 100 pounds.

Curious how? Drop me a note!

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