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Law of Attraction Hack: Tiny Change. Big impact.

Back in corporate America, I was trained to measure my productivity monthly. We looked at revenue and expenses each month in these God awful reports and over-long meetings that made me want to kill myself. When I started my business that was the first thing I cut out.

Finally, I was free from monthly goals and expectation setting and I could just do the actual work I was born to do! *sound trumpets*

For the first 3 ½ years of my business, I didn’t even know how much I really MADE each month. I just had money to pay my bills – or I borrowed it against savings or credit and waited for it to all balance out.

Back in August, I hired a business coach who asked me how much I netted monthly and when I didn’t know he said, “That’s okay, just tell me how much you gross.”

Cue guilt and shame. I HAD NO IDEA – so I made a number up.

I not only didn’t know. I didn’t WANT to know. I was paying my bills and I had a little left over sometimes. Wasn’t that enough?

I put on my big girl panties. Hired my very own personal Budget Nerd and got serious about measuring my income monthly. I also started setting a monthly revenue goal and tracking my progress.

When I started applying this “discipline” to my clients, I started seeing the real magic.

This isn’t about goal setting or productivity management – this is straight up Law of Attraction!

How so?

Well here’s how I think it works – in corporate America and in your business.

You set a monthly target and then you act as if you are going to hit it. You start to assume it’s done and act like a person who has already done it and then WHAM – before you know it, you have!

This is actually how corporations work. Yes, of course, sometimes they miss their monthly or quarterly earnings numbers. But they don’t spend the month assuming they are going to miss it or wondering if they are going to hit it, right? They staff up and gear their activities to what they would be doing IF they were going to hit that number.

Jim: Tell me Bob, if we need to roll on 8 customers next month with an ASP of $25,000, what are you going to need from me?

Bob: Well Jim, first of all I can tell you right now we are going to need another appointment setter. Michelle is setting up about 2 meetings a day right now and I’m closing 1 in 10 of those. So I feel pretty confident Michelle and I can get 4 maybe 5 to close next month, but to double that I really need 4 high quality conversations happening a day.

Jim: Problem is Bob, if we add another “Michelle” we are looking at an additional expense so I’d probably need to raise that goal to 10 customers in order to sell it to management.

Bob: 10 is a stretch but 9 I feel really confident about. I think we can make 10 happen.

Jim: Great. We’ll say 10. I’ll let you know when we can fill the appointment setter roll but start working on the job description – maybe you can have Michelle write something up for you.

And BAM! 10 it is. Next month Jim’s on the hook for a quarter of a million bucks. And that’s it… Michelle and Jim and Bob… and the new guy… they aren’t sitting around wondering what might happen in May. They aren’t HOPING to close 10 or to set 80 appointments. They are setting 80 appointments and selling 10.



You are probably doing what I did – hoping to make as much as possible this month based on my time and offerings and luck – and calling it law of attraction because you have a vision board with a pile of money on it next to your desk! (I know I do.)

At the beginning of each month, I ask my mentorship clients what they are going to accomplish that month. And then I help hold them accountable to that vision. No editing goals mid-month. Corporate America doesn’t have that luxury and the universe would prefer you miss a goal than change it. Even though it requires a fuck-of-a-lot more bravery to do it that way.

Back on April 13 one of my clients explained to me how it looked like she was going to miss her April number by about 20%.  So I asked her to “Get into character” as someone who WAS going to reach the original goal and to tell me what she’d be doing differently…

After trying to tell me all the things she HAD tried that didn’t work with no success I asked her again – “If you were going to hit your number what would you be doing for the next 2 weeks?”

It clicked.

She immediately rattled off a quick list of things – nothing hard, nothing that required design or technical skills either. She was just asking herself the question AS IF she was going to hit the goal instead of thinking up the list of ways why what she was doing wasn’t going to get her there.

She hit her goal 2 days early, treated herself to something lovely, and said to me: “What I’m really enjoying about this process is that the less worried I get abut a certain outcome, the more likely it is to happen. It’s a relief.”


That’s how the laws of the universe work!

You know what worry brings you? Bad news – MORE WORRY.

You know what acting AS IF brings you, calm, joy, and a good bit of the time SUCCESS!

Money, clients, fame, success – it doesn’t VIBE with worry. It doesn’t want to come out and play with worry. It does not wonder what worry is up to on Saturday night to see if she can hang out over a glass of wine.

Money, clients, fame, success – you know who they hang out with? Clarity, calm, and confidence. So be that… FIRST.

I know you fully believe that you need to EXPERIENCE results and then you will FEEL more professional or more successful or whatever it is you want to be feeling. I know you have years of evidence this is true.

But when you really want to make a permanent change you actually have to make the change in your head first and FEEL the way you want and then watch how your EXPERIENCE gets in line with your feelings.

So that’s why I want to know. WHAT IS YOUR GOAL FOR MAY?

  • How many new clients will you bring on?
  • How many copies of your book or program will you sell?
  • How many speaking gigs will you book?
  • How much revenue will you generate?

If you are brave enough to (confidentially) share your May goals with me, I’ll send you a link to my private calendar and set up time to coach you through how you are going to act as if to make it happen.

No charge.

But there is a catch. I don’t want any stories. Just the numbers.

What are you going to do in May?

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