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Last Day to Get it For $1

Last week I promised you I’d remind you that there are about 24 hours left in my $1 Coaches Book Circle sale.

If you are thinking about writing a book and want to create systems and support structures to make sure you meet your goal, the Coaches Book Circle could be a good fit for you.

Basically it’s a mastermind group for people who are in the process of writing a book or at least thinking about writing a book. I call these people authors-in-transformation.

killmeHere’s how I see it – once you know you are going to write a book, you are no longer a caterpillar, you have become a butterfly entombed in a chrysalis.

Your job? Break out of the cocoon and fly.

The Coaches Book Circle was designed to give you just the right about of freedom, safety and support to make that job easier. I’d love you to taste it and see.

That’s why I’m offering you the chance to try my Coaches Book Circle program for just $1. The program is normally $77 a month and includes 2 group coaching calls a month; an author-in-transformation student center filled with resources; and half price one-on-one coaching with me.

In addition to group coaching time with me, we bring in guest faculty to give you the inside track on how your book can make a bigger difference.

Recent guest lecture topics we’ve explored include:

  • How Your Personal Style Can Help your Book Launch (Wendy Lyn Phillips)
  • Using your Book to Build a B2B Business (Ali Cudby)
  • The Magic of Social Media for Creating a Brand (Lianne Farbes)
  • Why Secretly Approval Seeking can Kill your Book Project (Amy Pearson)
  • On Beauty and Writing Well (Anna Kunnecke)
  • Creating a Formula for Success (Julie Bauke)
  • Leading with Intuition (Patty Lennon)
  • Using your Book to get PR (Beth Feldman)
  • Getting Paid to Speak about your Book on College Campuses (Eliza Greenwood)
  • Focusing When there are So Many Things you Want to Do (Sarah Yost)
  • Speaking your Truth (Michelle Mazur)
  • Time Management Secrets (Jill Farmer)

Coming up!

  • 60 Ways to Repurpose your Content (MamaRed Knight)
  • Crack the Code on Your Creativity – how your personality, process, product and pressures interact when you create (Julia Roberts)

Think about it – and if it feels good, I’d love to help you on break out of the chrysalis and get your book completed and making a difference in the world.

P.S. Can you do me a favor and share this message with anyone who you might think would benefit from accessing all these resources for just $1? Thanks!


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