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Karen Donaldson – Book Journeys Author Interview

Karen DonaldsonIt was another interesting episode of
Book Journeys last week with Angela Lauria and her guest author, Karen Donaldson, as they talked about her book, Beat the Belly Fat Blues: Mind-Body Solutions for Permanent Weight Loss. Karen is a registered dietitian, a certified personal trainer and Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner who has helped hundreds of women all over the world lose weight and keep it off as they learn to love and accept themselves and heal the hurts that cause the cravings and the emotional eating in the first place. Karen shares how, as a dietitian and personal trainer, she has given people the best nutritional knowledge and helped them with their exercise. But she found that her clients were constantly frustrated with not being able to keep off the weight despite knowing what they’re supposed to do. It was heart-breaking for her to see them going through such guilt and shame until she was introduced to EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques that gave mind-body solutions for helping people lose weight and keep it off. With EFT, she was able to teach her clients how to cut their cravings and heal their traumas or the events that lead to their emotional eating. Seeing how EFT made it possible for her clients to get healed not just from emotional eating but many other things along the way, Karen wanted to just share it with as many people as possible and this is why she decided to write a book about it.

When Karen first considered writing a book several years ago, she was overwhelmed by the whole idea of writing, publishing, and even the thought of storing thousands of copies in her garage. Because of this, she made no attempts even at writing, although she would feel good with the idea of being a published author and sharing her message. She just didn’t know how to make this happen until she got to talk and work with Angela whom she saw as someone who knew what she was doing. Signing up with Angela gave her the confidence that her book would finally happen despite her having a job, family, and other responsibilities. She appreciated the fact that Angela’s structured program “gently forces” one to get things done.

Belly Fat BluesAside from the credibility her book gives her, Karen says that it has been a powerful tool that her readers can access anytime and anywhere, allowing them to get a feel of what she does. She says it’s a good icebreaker because after reading her book, they are much more willing to email and schedule an appointment with her. She also loves the fact that her book is a venue for sharing stories of people who have successfully used EFT to lose weight.

For those who continue to struggle with writing a book and finishing it, Karen’s advice is to get a coach, try something different, and to “just do it.”

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Watch out for Angela’s interview with another exciting author.

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