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Jackie Viramontez – Book Journeys Author Interview – Oct. 20, 2016

On this episode of Book Journeys, Vice President for The Author Incubator, Jenn McRobbie, interviews Jackie Viramontez, author of I Can’t Believe I Dated Him: The Art of Knowing When to Break Up, When to Stay Single and When You’ve Met the One.

jackie-viramontez-imageAs an emotional freedom coach who’s involved with empowering women, Jackie comes across several different issues that women confront, with relationships being one of these, noting that some of her independent, entrepreneurial clients struggle when they find themselves in a relationship and need to deal with feelings they’re not used to, such as insecurity and self-doubt. She also discovered that certain personality types tend to react in particular ways to these emotions, noted that such emotions steal power away from those who experience them, and so wrote the book to navigate such emotions and reclaim their power from these.


jackie-viramontez-book-imageJackie had always loved writing since she was a child, and by her own admission she noted that she has around three good ideas for a book every year. She also admits that one of her difficulties when writing the book was keeping focused on the topic of emotions, and that she needed to let go of her idea that the book she was writing was what she referred to as The Book, which would include everything that she had learned, all the insights she had gathered over the years. Her system of recording topics and subjects worked very well for her, as she used individual note cards to record these, and those that didn’t fit into the book, either by her judgement or by her editor’s, she placed elsewhere, as a reference for a future book she would write. As a result, Jackie remarked that she’ll probably be writing other books, saying that writing her first book was like writing on the first layer of a large subject, with her other books going deeper from there.

Jackie remarked that meeting deadlines was difficult, but that these were what she needed to get the book completed. She also remarked that, for her, writer’s block was about a disconnection between herself and her ideal reader, as she noted that she felt most comfortable writing the book as if she were talking to a client sitting right in front of her, and that, whenever she had some disconnection, reminding herself that the book was for the person reading it, and not for herself, enabled her to move forward and continue writing. The actual writing of the book took four to six weeks, with some major distractions coming in towards the end of that period when she had to travel, and Jackie noted how surprised she was when the preparation phase for the book took the longest time to do.

Jackie admits that releasing her book into the world was a scary experience for her, and that, personally, the best thing to come out of the writing process was the emotional growth she experienced. She also remarked that the book serves as a filtering tool for would-be clients who may or may not decide to work with her.


Listen to the Jackie Viramontez Interview on Book Journeys Radio

(Transcript) Jackie Viramontez – Book Journeys Author Interview – October 20, 2016

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