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I Poured A Bowl Of Cereal Down The Sink Because You Wanted Me To




Cereal is my weakness. Grape Nuts or Golden Grahams. Special K or Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Corn Flakes or Coco Puffs. Soggy or Crunchy. With milk or without. You name the cereal. I love it.

This morning my son poured himself a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and then left it on the table, because we were running late for school.

When I returned from drop off, I saw the uneaten Ambrosia of the Gods sitting on the table. It would have been so easy to eat.

Three years ago I would have eaten it without question.

A year ago I would have told myself I’d just have a bite. I would have had 7… or 9 and pretended it was 2 or 3. The chatter of my lies to myself would wear on through the morning eating up all the space in my brain to create and serve.

But this morning without drama, fanfare, or a rousing chorus of applause from all the Angels and Saints. I dumped the cereal down the drain.

I don’t eat flour.

I don’t eat sugar.

I don’t eat before 2pm.

It wasn’t hard.

I decided in advance. I practiced for a year. And now soggy cereal simply looks like trash instead of treasure. There was no will power required. No lying to myself or eating behind my own back. I wasn’t even tempted.

But not for the reasons you might think.

I didn’t want that cereal because YOU wouldn’t want me to want it.

A year ago I answered the question: “What do you want the reason to be that you gave up sugar and flour?”

That answer wasn’t health or even weight loss.

The answer was this:

  • The person who is making the difference I want to make doesn’t eat behind her back.
  • The person you want to hire and trust with your book isn’t beating herself up about overeating (again), she’s got the mental reserves instead to be focused on you and your book instead of her and her scale.
  • The person whose clients are generating $100k and up from their books is not napping at 10am because she is crashing from a sugar high and cramping from having dairy when she is intolerant to it.

 Before I could have a 7 figure business, I had to be a person who could have a 7 figure business. Before I can get you to trust me with your book, I have to be a person who you would trust with your book. And that’s not just about the results I get for my clients. It comes through in every aspect of my life.

The Person You Will Hire To Help You Get Your Message Out To The Masses Would Have Been: 

  • Talking to a financial consultant about wealth building strategies this morning to make sure her family is taken care of.
  • Serving an author and offering valuable suggestions on a mastermind visioning call with a New York publishing house.
  • Reading manuscripts without an “I need to lose weight” script running in her head.

The Person You Will Hire To Help You Get Your Message Out To The Masses Would NOT Have Been: 

  • Scarfing down soggy Cinnamon Toast Crunch over the sink and then curled up on the couch watching Netflix and working off the lactose cramps and sugar buzz.
  • Beating herself up all morning for over eating and breaking her promises to herself.
  • Sitting at her desk, feeling her waist band digging into her fat rolls and wishing she lived in a different body or at least had clothes that hid it better.

I didn’t want to lose weight to look hot or even to be healthier necessarily. I wanted to be the person you would hire before you hired me. Because that’s how it works. You need to be the person your ideal prospect would hire before she hires you — before she knows you exist.

So try this for me… think of your perfect client, the person you most want to help in the world… and ask yourself how would you have to be different for it to be a no-brainer for her to hire you?

How would your dishes get done?

When would your bills be paid?

Where would you shop for shoes?

What would be in your fridge right now?

Who would you be hanging out with on Saturday night?

And if any of those answers aren’t aligned with what’s happening right now, change that first and watch your prospects show up – almost out of no where – begging to work with you.

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