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When I met Gary Henderson at a Kevin Nations event in August he asked me why I didn’t have an option to write a book over a weekend. I kind of turned my nose up at the idea because I believed it couldn’t be done and maintain the quality I expect.

But after hanging out with Gary, Kevin and the other folks in my FAMILY Mastermind group, I’ve learned to stop arguing with brilliance and just do what these smart people are suggesting.


A few weeks ago without telling Gary, I created a structure for how I’d run a 2-day workshop where attendees would write a 20-100 page manuscript during the event. This weekend, I tried the process out on myself. I didn’t tell anyone. (Not even Paul until I was 3 chapters in! I was afraid it wasn’t going to work!)

I started Saturday morning around 11am and wrote until 6pm. I took several breaks including 3 FaceTime chats with my guy, a Skype call with his mom, and a very intense hour with the cast of Scandal (still recovering from that experience) and 3 episodes of The Voice during which I was emailing with clients and my team. Then I wrote again for 3 hours between 11pm and 2am. Total writing hours day 1: 10 (with lots of breaks).

I started again today at 11am. (My brain doesn’t really work well much earlier plus I wanted to get a full 8 hours of sleep last night.) My awesome bestie Tiffany brought me some amazing chicken salad and a carrot fritter which was terrific and fueling. We stopped for about an hour and talked about work and our kids and how cold it is. I had an hour long conversation with a perspective client. And a lovely little goodnight call with my guy. I wrote until precisely 7:01pm. That’s 8 hours of work time, but I took at least 2 hours worth of breaks. Total writing time day 2: 6 hours

The manuscript is done and I’ve done one read through for basic editing but it’s ready for one of our developmental editors to review.

Total word count: 31,943
Total page count: 142 pages – Double Spaced, Times New Roman, 12 points
Total stress: NONE

Joy, Ease, 100% in the flow.
Wanna know more about how you can do this too, email me.


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