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How to Write a Good Title for Your Book



I’ve got 10 new books coming out next month as part of my Kindle Singles Pilot program and I’ve been exhausting myself trying to make sure each book has the perfect title.



What’s fun about this program is in 13 weeks you not only learn HOW to write and publish a book – we actually do it – together! It’s been amazing experience midwifing all these books and working on everything from creating the outline to editing to design and of course – creating powerful titles.

Titles sell books. I wish what sold books was great content. But the truth is people make snap decisions on whether to buy a book – especially a low-cost ebook. Having a great title is one of the most powerful tools at your discretion.

Here are 5 of the rules I’ve created for myself for writing great book titles. (BTW – these probably work for creating great product and program titles as well.)

  1. Make a promise. (The 4 Hour Work Week / The $100 Start Up)
  2. Create an emotional reaction and/or curiosity. (A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius /Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery)
  3. Use literary devices like puns, alliteration and plays on established titles. (The War of Art /This One Time at Brand Camp)
  4. Solve a problem. (Have a New Husband by Friday /How To Win Friends and Influence People)
  5. Bust a Myth. (Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking / The Gifts of Imperfection)

Are you great at coming up with titles? (If so, I’m jealous!!! This is hard for me!) I’d love to hear your tips.Reply to this email and share with me some of your secrets for coming up with great titles.

P.S. Are you thinking of writing an ebook? If you want to be involved with our next Kindle Singles launch in January, let me know. The current class filled up in about 2 hours. Here are the details about the current program.

The class we launch in January will be similar but the price is going to double. If you want to get in at the 2013 price, drop me a note to get on the waiting list.

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