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How to Stop Wanting What You Want and Then Actually Get it

hhWe were standing near the bridge of this old English Country Manor Estate last week when he dropped down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

I didn’t expect it to happen this way but I did make one promise to myself. I wasn’t going to lead. I wanted a proposal that surprised me – a ring I knew nothing about – a plan that I didn’t put together. And so, I danced with my divine feminine.

I took classes, bought programs, worked with coaches and therapists, self-coached like a pro, and had friends on speed dial to pull Goddess cards when needed. I even thought about getting the tattoo “Lean Back” on my inner wrist. I spoiled myself more than I ever have before. I loved myself first and most and let go of attachment to any particular outcome daily… sometimes hourly.

I decided this relationship was the perfect practice ground to love as deeply as I could – both myself and him. And to stay grounded in reality and not blinded by fantasy. I decided to take 100% responsibility for my happiness. To question anytime I wanted to change anything about him. Worst case scenario, I decided after some particularly deep work with Rachel Alexandria (who is brilliant), no matter what happens with this relationship I’d be better and stronger and braver for having had it.

By the time the proposal of my dreams came, it almost wouldn’t have mattered if it didn’t happen. Not that I don’t love him – because I do love him like crazy! But because I found my own fairy tail ending before the proposal.

That sounds crazy doesn’t it? As excited as I am – I would have been fine either way. (But I gotta say I’m pretty happy this was the way it was always supposed to happen!)

Anyway, in all the excitement about the engagement I completely neglected to share with you my new training program for authors-in-transformation. In fact the offer actually came down 2 days ago, but I asked my Chief Marketing Officer to give me a reprieve and still share this with you even though the offer is technically closed.

The free offer is for a pretty advanced training program ideal for anyone who thinks they want to write a book.



Here’s what you’ll learn when you jump into this complimentary program:

• How to refine your book concept so it has the potential to help thousands of people
• How to connect with your readers so they will find your book, and want to work with you after reading it
• How to ensure your book creates $5,000-$20,000 per month for you by meeting your clients’ needs and solving their problems
• How to prepare yourself to plan, write, and profitably launch within 90 days


We can only help so many people per month, and this program does involve some one-on-one interaction with me and my team, so my marketing guy won’t let me leave it open long. He’s not a jerk or anything, it’s just that we know how much throughput we can handle and it’s so hard not to over commit. He keeps me in line. By April 27 this will probably not be available anymore so take advantage of this little window of time and sign up for it now!

P.S. If you know someone who would benefit from getting this training program – plus a digital copy of my book for free, please share it with them right away in case this page is removed. I’d be really bummed if they missed out because of my wedding distractions! Here’s the link again:

Picture of the manor home courtesy of John Matthews & picture of me in the lower left and the house collage in the upper right courtesy of Sandi Amorim.

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