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Fairytale Weekend 1

I’ve always loved how Gena & Jordana have incorporated their wedding photos into their business shares. It makes me feel like I was practically at their beautiful wedding!

This weekend we celebrated our wedding with a Medieval Ball at The Author Castle – where we help our authors to write, publish and promote their books.

A few of our authors were with us – shout outs to Cassie and Caroline!

We set the ball in Devon, England in 1550. My husband is English and we are changing our last name…err.. um… we changed our last name to his grandmother’s maiden name, Kingdom, which has it’s origins in the 16th century in Devon. I even had my dress made in England.

Fairytale Weekend 2

But there was a problem… the seamstress wrote our address slightly wrong (MacLean, VA instead of McLean, VA) and this had my dress held up in customs until hours before the ceremony. When the dress arrived (weeks after being stuck in customs) it TOTALLY did not fit. My husband’s aunt – who gave us the idea for our new last name – saved the day and sewed the dress on to me so it fit!

Fairytale Weekend 3

Through the whole wedding process I was never a bridezilla until the dress thing. By Thursday I had lost my mind and was ready to cancel the whole thing – I had back up dresses but didn’t love any nearly as much as the dress I had made.

I picked a stupid fight with my husband the day before the wedding and was just tortured by the missing dress – until my coach kicked my ass.

She said “Stuff goes wrong in your business all the time and you never give up. Why is this different?”

Fairytale Weekend 4

In that moment, I made a decision – that whatever happened with the dress Saturday was going to be the best day of my life. Just like I make a decision every day that it’s going to be my best day in business.

I thought the wedding was different and that what would make the wedding celebration perfect was doing everything right – but what I realized is that a perfect wedding – a fairy tale wedding, even – comes from a decision in advance, not from the details. I realized I could have a fairy tale weekend every weekend. I just needed to decide in advance everything was going to happen perfectly.

Fairytale Weekend 5

Fairytale Weekend 6

Fairytale Weekend 7

I wanted to share this with you all because I learned some powerful lessons and also because without my magical business I would never have been able to have this magical day — and not because I couldn’t afford it – but because having a business has taught me true resiliency comes from persisting in the face of challenges. Fairy tales are created and we are the authors….


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