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How To Get Oprah to Promote Your Work (This really works.)

A lot of authors-in-transformation and new authors tell me they want a seat on Oprah’s couch, or on Super Soul Sunday, or to sit in her garden, or to have their own show on her network, or to be featured an article in her magazine…

The question I ask them is this: “Who do you have to BE for that outcome to be inevitable?”

I make this super practical. I say: “Go look at every show, every interview, every article, and look at the people who are featured the way you want to be featured and STUDY their journey from zero to Soul Sunday like it’s your JOB (because news-fucking-flash, it is!)”

And you know what most people do?

Most people. Most people. Do NOTHING LIKE THAT.

They don’t study what it takes and their instincts are TERRIBLE!


  • They redo their website
  • They get a new logo made (AND BUSINESS CARDS WITH RAISED LETTERS!)
  • They talk to another coach with no revenue about doing a partnership
  • They buy a $500 program on how to do a podcast (but never do it)
  • They do 15 days of a 30 day FB Live challenge
  • They complain about the fact they have to pick a niche and they don’t
  • They complain about the fact they have to pick a niche and do… but then they keep changing it.
  • They tell me they are going to make an offer as soon as they nail a few more things down.
  • They use a family emergency or health scare as an excuse.

In short:

They Don’t Act like the Person Oprah Would Feature.

And you know what happens???

Oprah Doesn’t Feature them.

Which leads to shame and frustration.

What a dumb, weird loop!

Just cut the nonsense! Either drop your goal of being on Oprah or just fucking be the person Oprah would feature! Look, here’s the newsflash — once you BECOME the person Oprah would feature, at that point it will NOT MATTER one iota to you if Oprah features you or not….

Because…. and here’s the big lesson….

The Prize Never Chases.

Be the person Oprah’s bookers BEG to have on their show.

Be the GET of the Year.

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