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How Do You Get a Book Publishing Contract In 2023

How Patty funded her event

Patty LennonI’m off to New York City in a few hours to speak at Patty Lennon’s Mom Gets A Business Conference and it occurred to me that Patty is about to make a HUGE difference in hundreds of women’s lives (and I’m so excited to be a part of that). You see, for me, the reason I “incubate” authors is because I want them to know the secrets people like Patty, who get out there and change lives, know. They aren’t big or hard things — but once you learn this stuff your ability to help people increases exponentially.

One of those secrets is CROWDFUNDING.  Have you heard of it? I’ve been pretty intrigued by the way Crowdfunding can take a good idea and make it a reality and that’s how Patty funded the Mom Gets a Business Conference. You see, Patty isn’t super smart and she’s not super rich. She just took the time to figure out how to leverage the hottest marketing trend to fund her project. She took no financial risk and she had a blast doing it. And now in our free call, she is going to teach you guys how she crowdfunded her Mom Gets A Business Conference in 14 days (during Hurricane Sandy) and share with you the secrets to her success and how anyone, anywhere that has access to a computer and a good idea can successfully crowdfund anything! You can resigter for the free call here:

I want to make sure she is fresh from the conference so we are going to do this at 12:30pm ET on Thursday May 2nd. When you register, you’ll get a recording of the call – so sign up! On the call you will discover:

  • Why right now is the very best time to launch a crowdfunding campaign
  • The Secrets to creating a campaign that is set up to succeed from Day 1
  • What you need to do before your campaign even starts to ensure you are featured by your crowdfunding site aka The Holy Grail of Crowdfunding
  • How to successfully fund large dollar amounts with small lists
  • The one BIG mistake every crowdfunder makes (even Patty) and how to avoid it

The call is obviously free – Patty and I are going to show you how you can use Crowdfunding to fund your next book, product, or event and then together we are going to make a difference.

That’s what it’s all about!

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