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How Black Friday Holds Back Change

sale-sign1Whether you are conflicted by the ties between western exploitation of Native people and Thanksgiving or just think it’s a nice, uncomplicated holiday to spend time with family and be grateful; the fact remains, the post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy has become a shit-show for “special offers” and “deals.”

But the truth is, not everything was meant to go on sale after Thanksgiving!

If we are talking about rechargeable battery packs or cashmere sweaters, I’m all in – let’s hear it for the deals.

On Black Friday I found my way to Marshall Fields (okay, Macy’s, whatever) and got the cutest collection of free gifts with my holiday make up from the Sheishedo counter. And I picked up the cutest necklace for 85% off.

I have nothing against “deals” in principle. But for the rest of the weekend my inbox and Facebook had me shaking my head. Why are coaches, consultants, and other experts twisting their offerings just to be able to make a discount offering? Is it that they want some quick cash?

Here’s the thing I need to be really clear about – if you are marketing massive personal change while offering cheap recorded products you know no one who buys will listen to, you are out of integrity. Full stop.

You can’t hold space for massive change on the planet and quick cash at the same time.

And btw, it’s not just the sellers I am having a problem with the last few days, it’s the buyers, too! If you truly want massive personal change, I can assure you, it’s going to take more than a $1297 $997 $497 ONE TIME ONLY $97!! investment.

Now look, if you are buying or selling trinkets, sale away with your bad self. That is a commodity purchase.

The reason I call working with me an INVESTMENT and not a PURCHASE is because there is a risk with an intention of a massive return on that investment. You aren’t investing in me or my team, you are investing in yourself.

Here’s what I ask people who are considering working with me…

If you were to think about all the ways on the planet you could spend your money:

  • Buying gold
  • Commissioning art
  • Investing in Real Estate
  • Setting up a mutual fund
  • Going to a Casino
  • Getting a university degree

I want you to know, for sure, from the bottom of your soul that there is abso-fucking-lutely no better investment on the planet that you could make than working with me to get your book done. I want you to know a 1X return is practically a given and a 10X return is highly probable. And that kind of certainty doesn’t come at an amazing discount.

If I had offered a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale, I would be taking away your right to fully invest in yourself in a way that truly creates the change in you required for you to have a CHANCE to get the result you want.

If you want to see just how powerful you are, you must begin to see money is a tool to help you get what you want. You always have the perfect amount of money (just like you are always the right weight). You never need a deal to get a massive return. And one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is gratitude for the feedback money gives you.

So here’s to the season, may you make decisions that create, rather than destroy, prosperity in your life!

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