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Hot Bras & Panties

One of the awesome things about being a publisher and a book coach is that I get to get intimate with a whole range of topics I wouldn’t naturally gravitate to on my own.

Personal breakthroughs can come from some unexpected places and for me – finding crazy hot bras and panties that ACTUALLY fit me and looked fabulous led to some totally unexpected results. I was resigned to the fact I was far too big to even properly fit into any bra, never mind a sexy one. And my inability to fit into a bra fit PERFECTLY into my story that I didn’t fit anywhere else in the world either. No way. No how.

And then I published BUSTED: The Fab Foundations Guide to Finding a Bra that Fits, Flatters, & Feels Fantastic and found a very cool, fun and easy entry point to self-love.

Out went the stretched, misshapen, ripped granny panties and in came sexy thongs and playful boy shorts. Out went the wrong sized, tattered nursing bras I had failed to replace long after my kid stopped breast feeding and in came bright colors, patterns, and plunges that made my inner superhero do somersaults of glee.

The sexier I felt under my clothes, the more excited I was to actually be sexy on the outside too. Somehow a year after slipping into some seriously hot bras and panties, I’ve dropped 88 pounds, got LASIK, taken my hair to new levels of fantastic and let my business evolve to the next level with ease and playfulness.

Of course, it wasn’t just the book or the bras that did it, there were hard lessons too. But it’s easier sometimes to process the pain of divorce, or health issues, or drama with your mama to say “Hey, I learned a really cool, powerful lesson from a place of pure love, joy, play, and a splash of sexy too.”

So, I’m sitting here hugging my new Andorra Plunge and sexy matching thong underwear and patting myself on the back. How about you? How have you grown in unexpected ways? How have you tapped into your power source with joy instead of the cold, hard stare of processing and thought work? Write me back and let me know!

Meanwhile I also want to give a big huge happy shout out to Jill Farmer, one of my coaching clients whose new book There’s Not Enough Time… and other lies we tell ourselves was just released to rave reviews and a trip up the Amazon best seller charts. Working on her book fundamentally shifted my own mental gymnastics around productivity. Her tools make it easy and fun to let your stories go, get more stuff done, and to notice when your knickers are in a knot – and when hot bras and panties have a funny way of expanding the amount of time in your day.

It’s a great read – check it out! And when you do, be sure to head back over to Amazon and leave a review!

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