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Happy 2017!

Nope. That’s not a typo in the image above! I’m ready to wrap up 2016 and celebrate 2017 and I want to take you on the ride.

My morning meditation just led to the invention of something that seriously improves on the traditional New Year’s Resolution. Here’s the problem with resolutions – they tend to come with a lot of graspy, wanting energy that just leads to more WANTING. You are essentially RESOLVING that you want to WANT to lose weight or that you want to WANT to write a book. It not only doesn’t get the result you want, it usually SLOWS that result down.

The technique I’m going to teach you here is like a New Year’s Resolution on steroids with a side of Xanax. Less pressure. Bigger results.

This is a Law of Attraction style scripting technique for MANIFESTING your 2016 resolutions instead of EFFORTING them into reality. I believe this approach will be 10 times more effective than traditional resolutions.

Ask. Believe. Receive.

Once you do this, step away, move forward and watch the magic unfold for 2016.

Okay so here’s what you are going to do:

You are going to write a wrap up of 2016 with your resolutions already complete and then you are going to write resolutions for 2017.

There are a few important things to remember.

1) In your 2016 wrap up you must write things you KNOW are going to happen in mine you see I have a wedding celebration and a graduation I know are sure things.

2) You must write your 2016 wrap up with confidence and all in past tense. Many of you summed up 2015. Look at what you said and get as close to that style as you can.

3) When you write your 2017 resolutions – this is the most important step – make sure you make some of your 2017 resolutions CONTINGENT on the things that “happened” in 2016. Check my weight loss goals or my moving goals as examples for how I structured it.

Alright, here’s my example.

Good luck! Folks in my Mentorship group I’m happy to review this with you on Monday or on our FB page!


January 1, 2017

Goodbye 2016! Thank you for being amazing! This was the year:

– I watched my little boy click over into the double digits. How is he 10?? So glad he’s happy and healthy.

-Had the world’s best wedding celebration! I can’t believe how many bridal publications covered our Medieval Ball. Eventually I had to start saying no to requests and remember we really did this to create a life-long memory with our families and friends and that we did! Thank you all for being a part of it even if you weren’t there. Using Facebook mentions to live stream it was your idea and it was great to have everyone participating remotely.

-Lauti celebrated graduation and started at an amazing graduate school. Loved getting to book end his 3 1/2 years of college with the graduation ceremony with Nora since we got him checked in together. He didn’t need us for grad school. Just packed his car up and drove. Amazing to watch him grow up. And of course spending part of the holidays in Argentina has been amazing. Love ending the year with sunshine instead of snow!

-We did our first acquisition! In 2015, I thought I’d be buying a lot of real estate but between the people I met in the Family and the people I met at Summit, the business growth plan really came together in 2016. Taking the time to strategize, prospect and complete an acquisition required me to grow up in ways I couldn’t have predicted. It was hard and not always fun (another week of due diligence anyone?) but we got through it. The acquisition helped us cross the $3MM mark and the first 90 days of integration have been easier because of all the effort up front.

-Bringing on our first COO and HR Managers. Omg we have a COO and HR Manager! This is crazy! But it’s nice to be out of the weeds. Thrilled to have more time with my family as promised.

-Ha and I almost forgot! I dropped another 50 lbs this year. I weighed 183 at the start of the New Year, 165 on our wedding celebration day and this morning I was 130. What a crazy road and how bizarre I never even think about eating flour or sugar anymore. A year ago it was still a struggle.

Okay 2017 you have a lot to live up to.

-Next year we’ll triple revenue again. But we’re going to try to do that without tripling  expenses this time. (Oops)

-2017 is the year Jesse goes to middle school. We’ve got 6 months left but I’m expecting a move over the summer. We’ll have the castle for events and I even think one of my staff members may end up living on site, but it’s time for us to roll to our new home.

-2017 is also the year for National Media coverage. So excited to have so much cooking and the best PR team ever.

-And here’s one UNresolution – For the first time ever I’m not making a resolution to lose weight. It’s so nice to be dialed into a size 4 and not have to worry about that changing now that I know how to work a protocol like a champ.

If your 2016 wrap up included a writing and publishing a book and maybe even being on stage sharing your message with the world, or strolling through an airport only to find you book displayed at the book store in your terminal, then we should be talking sooner rather than later.

Head over to to set up some time with one of our editors.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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