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Publishing Laws

Having awareness around the varying publishing laws is important when pursuing a career as a writer. Whether it's copyright laws, citing sources properly, AI writing guidelines, and libel vs slander differences, knowing the varying legal issues surrounding authors helps safeguard your books…

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Make Money Writing

A common misconception is that authors must rely on book sales and royalties alone to make money writing. However, published writers have diverse revenue streams beyond book sales or traditional book contracts. In truth, nonfiction books in particular lend themselves to lucrative…

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Book Marketing

Many authors pour their souls into crafting world-class manuscripts while neglecting the actual book marketing required to drive sales. Without strategic promotion like utilizing beta readers or hosting a book launch event, even the most brilliant book will flounder in obscurity. Effective…

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Writer Career

Being an author is more than just writing books. To build a sustainable writer career, you must approach authorship as a business. Beyond creating compelling stories and nonfiction, you need business savvy to maximize your income and impact. Unless you write simply…

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