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Recent PageUp Podcast Episodes

Aug 14
S2E3 How to Combat Writing Anxiety

Writing anxiety is part of the writing experience, but it doesn’t have to derail your process. Dr. Angela shares how to acknowledge your fears and move beyond anxiety to keep writing forward.

Aug 12
S2E2 Author Interviews with Dr. Angela

What do a Pharmacist, a mom, a Nurse Practitioner and a divorcee have in common? They all wrote a book to build their business! Tune in to hear their stories.

Aug 10
S2E1 6 Mistakes Authors Make

You’ll never guess some of the mistakes you are already making! Dr. Angela digs into the six mistakes that business owners make when they’re trying to write a book to grow their business.

Aug 03
Page Up Podcast Reboot

After a long hiatus, we are back with season 2 of Page Up Podcast. This season, Dr. Angela will explore what’s happening now in the world of non-fiction books for business owners.

Jun 11
Virtual Book Launch Celebration

The Virtual Book Launch Celebration is an exclusive launch party for a specific group of our authors. We come together to broadcast the launch of our books. You can sign up to watch the launch event online at

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Watch The Weight of Success
A Film by M. Douglas Silverstein

The Weight of Success is a “warts and all” documentary that chronicles the life and work of Dr. Angela Lauria, one of the fastest rising stars in the self-help and life coaching industries. While this film profiles one life coach, her struggles, and success, I believe it will force the audience to decide for themselves, if life coaching is a scam or not? So what do you think about Life Coaches? Are they modern Prophets or only concerned with Profits? You Decide.

When I first heard about Dr. Angela Lauria, her astronomical business ascent and the controversial nature of the life coaching industry, I was hooked. She seemed to have it all: her own fan base, her own lead singer swagger, and there were a lot of skeptics (including in her own family). As the audience will see, the film’s story is told through the lens of one of the fastest rising stars in the self-help world. Along the way we meet a slew of her aspiring mentees that she leads through her self-help book seminars, who believe that they are “making a difference” in the world with their books, and their businesses. - M. Douglas Silverstein


“The film did not feel like a one-sided product of Dr. Lauria, and all points were fairly viewed. When a film of any kind makes you think, then it has done its job.” Chris Salce, Film Threat

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