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guilty confession

Coach Amy Pearson recently spoke to my Coaches Book Circle members about how approval seeking can stop you from writing your book. She talks about different approval seeking personas (You can find your Approval Seeking Persona here:

Turns out I’m a Gold Star Chaser.

It feels good to me to get external validation.

But approval seeking is also a trap.

I used to chase those gold stars to my own detriment – like when I worked 68 hours straight once to crank out a book about Windows Server Back Up Systems which my boss then took 3 months to even glance at and another month to approve. So glad I stayed up all night for 3 days for THAT gold star.

I’ve stopped devoting my energy to projects I’m not passionate about, but I still like doing a good job – and I really like getting feedback that validates that.

Last weekend, I hosted my bi-annual Free Your Inner Author Live!Workshop and here’s some of the feedback I got from participants:

“I now know how to move forward on writing my book.”

“Best money I’ve spent – I flew across the country to hear Angela – so glad I did. My book will be proof of how great this workshop was for me.”

“Angela opens your eyes to what is going on out there and how there is a system you can follow to write you book from ease and joy.”

“So much info – I have never attended an event like this before and I’m sooooo glad I did attend. There was no part of the workshop that was irrelevant.”

“Angela definitely gave us real information that was useful. She’s very, very enthusiastic and spoke in a way that I remember.”

“This workshop gave me the perfect amount of info, delivered in a way that is accessible and also a lot of fun. I wanted a doable plan & I got it.”
Wow… those are some Gold stars I’ll gladly chase any day of the week.

This is why I do what I do – and it’s how I know living with integrity to my mission is working!

Why do you do what you do?

Are you hoping to make a difference?

Are you bold enough to actually want to play a role in making the world a better place?

I’m not doing the Free Your Inner Author Live! workshop again until March, but I want to help you now. If you meet the following criteria, please set up a free 30 minute call with me using this link:

  1. You want to write a book; feel like you should write a book; people have told you that you should write a book; or you have a gut feeling writing a book is in your future.
  2. You have some open questions about writing and publishing (for instance, you have multiple book ideas and want to know which is best, or you aren’t sure the best way to find a publisher).
  3. You sometimes feel like you might not be ready to write a book yet.
  4. You worry you don’t have enough time to write a book.
  5. You’d like to pick my brain about some book ideas you have had.

Here’s the link again  – I really want to talk to as many people as possible in October:

So many authors-in-transformation tell me this: “Even if I get one email from a reader saying I changed their life with my book, I’ll know all this effort was worth it.” That can be some powerful, world-changing approval seeking!

Looking forward to talking to you about your book!

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