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Grist For The Mill Of Our Awakening

One of my key teachings is that if something is not a full-bodied hell yes, it’s a no.

When I’m in confusion or paralysis or suffering with a case of “should I or shouldn’t I,” I know that uncertainty is what spiritual guru and Be Here Now author, Ram Dass, would have called “grist for the mill.”

The lack of clarity does not exist outside of the harmonious nature of God – it is a calling from God back to center. Back home.

This is why I so very much love writer’s block. We lean into the beauty of writer’s block at The Author Incubator because we know it’s one of the tools for communicating with God.

Ram Dass said “My guru said that when he suffers, it brings him closer to God. I have found this, too.”

In any moment of stress (whether internally generated like self-doubt or writer’s block, or externally generated like a challenge from a partner or parent about your investment in your book or business), God is tapping on your shoulder and asking you to get quiet and reconnect with a deeper truth.

Truth, in any moment, is your full-bodied hell yes.

It’s my favorite feeling in the world. A Hell Yes is the inevitability of creation before it happens.

Ram Dass said: “As you quiet your mind down and trust yourself, you know the answer because everyone is a Goddess in drag.”

Ha! I love this so very much! My life is filled, exclusively, with Christ and Magdalene Consciousness begging me to recognize in any moment that only love is real.

When you remember to “Treat everyone you meet like God in drag.” clarity flows.

A “Hell Yes” life is one where you are living your life in harmony and connection and COMMUNICATION with God.

I am so grateful to Ram Dass for being one of the teachers I met early on my journey. The light, playfulness of his message to Be here, now has always resonated with me. I am so excited for him embarking on his next adventure in the Great Beyond.

Whether it’s a stroke, or a divorce, or a huge mistake you feel like you made… remember this… it’s all just grist for the mill. Use the darkness to get quiet and connect with the truth that is always inside you. Circumstances themselves are neutral even when… especially when!, they don’t feel that way!

Your truth – your hell yes – it’s always there, just waiting for you to arrive.

Suffering about suffering is optional.

Thanks for all the lessons Ram Dass

Good Vibes on the journey.

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