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Feeling overwhelmed?

When I first heard the phrase “don’t worship busy,” I thought I got it. I was so ‘proud’ of how busy I was, I wore it as a badge of honor, so obviously I would create more being busy.

I used to think it was normal to be overwhelmed, but recently I discovered there is a lot more that is wrong with saying things like:

“I’m so busy!”

“I’m just a tad bit overwhelmed.”

“I’m feeling out of control and disorganized.”

It’s actually quite a nefarious little belief system that leads to a whole plethora of pain.

Here are my latest thoughts on being overwhelmed.

First did you know the definition of whelm and overwhelm are identical… both mean to “engulf entirely” so you can’t really “extra” engulf something entirely. Once you are whelmed, you are, by definition, overwhelmed.

And what is it that whelms us as writers? Deadlines, projects, goals, fear of failure, fear of success, technology, wondering “who am I to write this book?, the feeling there isn’t enough time, confusion about making the ‘right’ decisions along the way….” So, pretty much everything.

In fact, who are the people that AREN’T overwhelmed. The only alternative is to be underwhelmed. To underwhelm is to disappoint. Hmm is that my preference?

You could avoid being overwhelmed by not setting deadlines, creating ambitious projects, striving for big goals, and facing your fears. Is that your preference?

Look, I’m going to give it to you straight… unless you want to give up your dreams to make a difference and sit back and be happy collecting a pay check, hoping for a lottery win, and enjoying your long weekends, being overwhelmed isn’t going anywhere. It specifically comes with the territory.

It would be like a lighthouse keeping hoping the waves never crash into the tower. What would be the fucking point?

I look FORWARD to being overwhelmed because I know being overwhelmed makes me stronger, it helps me to shore up my edges, to plug any holes, to learn to quickly brace for impact. What overwhelmed me a year ago barely scratches the surface now.

When you are feeling overwhelmed you are being prepared. You are becoming a stronger vessel for your next challenge. Being overwhelmed and complaining about it is like going to the gym, lifting heavier weights and wishing you had lighter weights. Fine! Pick up the lighter weights. Is that really going to help you hit your goal?

So if you are feeling overwhelmed right now, I just want to bless that. It means you are being prepared for something greater. You can resist that challenge by complaining about your overwhelm or you can lean the fuck into it.

Here’s a simple practice I recommend – seriously it’s so much better than declaring your overwhelm. When you feel like there is too much on your plate, that you can’t process it all, that you are being engulfed entirely… STOP. Take a breath. And then ask yourself “How is this feeling of being overwhelmed here to HELP me?”

There is so much more waiting for you but when you get it, you won’t be LESS overwhelmed, you will be MORE overwhelmed. You must prepare yourself now to be a steward for the greatness of the universe.

I think a lot of people think once they are making the money they want, or have the goals they want, they won’t be overwhelmed. But there is no top of the mountain. There is always another mountain to climb. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s a great one. You can always stop climbing but learning not to fear overwhelm and to instead embrace the magic of it and let the overwhelm crash over you like a wave – that is the secret to growth, change and abundance.

Don’t wish it away… Welcome it.

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