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Call For Experienced Conscious Entrepreneurs

On Thursday at 3pm I’m broadcasting an all-new training called Write A Profitable Book In The New Normal.


It’s going to be about how to write and publish a book that creates a following and clients out of people who read your book, fall in love with your message, and want to work with you directly so you can help them in their lives or in their businesses.

After Thursday my team and I will be choosing between 5 and 7 people who we will work with in 2020 to launch their bestsellers and position them so their book will drive a LOT of new clients and revenue into their business.

Since you recently watched one of my latest trainings, I wanted to reach out to you to ensure you knew about this upcoming event (click here to register)… but also to let you know that a couple of days after Thursday we’ll probably be under a pile of hundreds of applications to work with us – so after Thursday really isn’t a good time to apply to work with me if you haven’t already.

Here’s something most people don’t know. Since the pandemic began I made a rule that 75% of the applicants I accept into my program must ALREADY HAVE a business established AND they must have have been running it with some success for at least six months. I made this rule because at this time in our history I only want to devote my time to working with those who are really doing what it takes to make a difference. They are either a coach, healer, consultant, entrepreneur or movement leader who is making between $5k/month and $50k/month and they want to scale to high five-figure or six-figure months by writing a book that will dramatically increase their visibility in the market. And their business must be focused on helping people or other businesses to make a positive impact in the world…. at a time when we really need it the most.

Rather than waiting for us to sift through hundreds of applications to find yours, I thought I’d reach out right now with this Call For Conscious Entrepreneurs, and let you know that if you’re thinking about writing a book that will take your existing business to the next level, you should use THIS LINK to apply so that we know you already fit my entry criteria and are looking to get to work right away:

To recap, in order to apply via this link you must have:

Watched one of my trainings (like this 29-minute one) so you know you are a fit:

Have been running a business successfully for at least six months

Be looking to scale up to high five-figure or six-figure revenue months by writing a book that dramatically increases the visibility of your business

Have a business that helps make the world a better place

If this is you, use THIS LINK to apply before Thursday’s training: 

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