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got mojo?

I’ve got these 10 steps to writing a book that makes a difference and frankly, even if you aren’t writing a book, these steps can be pretty kick ass. One of my favorites is step 4… Focus your Author Mojo Focusing Your Author Mojo is all about finding what works for you.  Back when I …

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Truth or Dare?

Remember slumber parties? My girlfriends and I would stay up all night talking about boys and dreaming about our futures. We’d play games and eat popcorn and ice cream. We’d take completely age-inappropriate quizzes from our big sister’s magazines. We’d write in each other’s diaries. Inevitably, the night would get late and someone would suggest …

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This Bites

I was taking a nap the other day when my 7-year-old son, Jesse, woke me up with an exciting announcement. “Look!” he said beaming with joy as he showed me a handful of chocolate malted milk balls. “Cool!” I replied, wondering who the generous mystery neighbor was who shared them.   I reached out, grabbed …

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Quick story: When I was 20 years old, my college professor recommended me for a job working for a New York Times best selling author named David Wise. David’s work exposed a deep world of government secrets and spy games. Working for him was the best first job I could have had. I saw how …

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