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Can I buy you something?

A few times a year I drop the price on my Coaches Book Circle to inject some new blood in the mastermind group. Lucky for you – the sale is on now through March 25th!

Coaches Book Circle is a group of like-minded authors-in-transition who hold each other accountable to keep working on their books and eventually get their books written and published.

We meet on the last Friday of the month (via phone) to share goals, strategies and celebrate successes. We also have a new guest lecture on the 2nd Friday of every month, which brings new tools and resources to our authors.

The best part of the program is members get 50% off one-on-one coaching with me. So if you need to get your book finished (or started) you can do a quick pick up session or a flight of 12 Free Your Inner Authors sessions at half of what non-Circle members would pay.

The regular price is $77 a month but you can sign up now for $27 a month.

OR…. I have an even cooler idea….

If you commit to yourself to spend 6 months working on your book, I’ll let you into the Coaches Book Circle for $150. (I could do the math for you, but I’m sure you get what a huge savings that is – even over the discounted price!) If you haven’t finished the book in 6 months, each additional month will only be $27.

And if you sign up by March 17th, I will buy you your very own copy of Scrivener!!
(This is like a $45 value).

If you don’t know Scrivener yet, you totally need to. It’s like crack for writers. Makes you happier and more productive…. But it’s much better for you than crack so this is a good kind of addiction!


What I love about Scrivener is that it let’s you outline a book without being trapped in a box. It gives you the flexibility to write how you want to write – sometimes in a non-linear way. Some of the features include:


  • A Corkboard to visually organize your writing project.
  • An Outliner for planning your book in advance OR for retroactively identifying your outline so it’s easy to adjust on the fly.
  • Full screen editing so you aren’t distracted by Facebook or Email during your sacred writing time.
  • Snapshots of documents so you can always restore to previous versions if you try a rewrite and it fails.

Believe me, if you are serious about getting your book done, you want Scrivener. And you’ll get it for free if you sign up for 6 months of my group mastermind program the Coaches Book Circle.

Here’s the link to get the 6 month deal for $150 with a free copy of Scrivener!

Or sign up for just $27 a month here.

Here’s to you getting your book and your message out in the world!

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